The social consequences and impact on relationships which result from a brain injury can be devastating.

Many people report losing friends and having difficulty cultivating and maintaining new friendships. These difficulties may result from emotional and cognitive impairment, and/or from the loss of subtle social skills.

In addition to the impact on individuals living with ABI, there are significant impacts on families and caregivers. The effects of brain injury may require the injured person to have assistance for up to 24 hours per day, and families often remain or become the primary caregiver and support person.

Many are left to cope on their own.  They may have little understanding of the effects of the injury and the demands of living with an injured family member. and need the support of others who understand the stress within family systems.

Families and individuals do not have to walk this road alone.  There are Brain Injury Associations and Support groups throughout North America.  To find a Brain Injury Association near you, contact BIAPR at 705-741-1172


Ontario Brain Injury Association

Brain Injury Association of Canada